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Top Teenage Party Games

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A collection of teen party games that will be sure to please, even when your budget is tight.


Teenagers can be a hard bunch to entertain, especially in this age of cell phones, and video games. The regular kiddie party games just aren't going to cut it with this group.

The key to success with teen party games is to mix some simple but fun, frugal teenage party games with some great kids party food, then add some great music for dancing.

Top Teen Party Games for Any Occassion

Truth or Dare
Dance Contest
M&M Shuffle
Tissue Tornado
Two Truths and A Lie
Flashlight Tag
Newspaper Game
Apple Dance
React and Act
The Number Game

Since you can need teenage birthday party games at any time of the year check out our list of indoor party games to add to your game plan, as well as this list of fast paced board games frugally available for around $20 each.

You'll only need one or two to round out the party. These are the games my family owns and we love them all.

FFM's Teen Party Board Game Favorites