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Looking For Frugal Fun Family Activities?

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YOUR Family can have a Frugal Fun Blast with Little or No Cash!

Do you have an active, fun-loving family, but like most families, you're on a tight budget?

These days, after paying for gas, groceries, utilities, and other essentials, there isn't much left for plain old fun.

This fun frugal living tips site was created for you.

Parents who want to find inexpensive ways to have fun, creative, stress free time with their kids.

Plus, there are articles written exclusively for FFM, by guest experts sharing their know-how on all kinds of things like the best family vacation destinations; budget homeschooling; womens saftey tips; and even unique free kids coloring pages!

"I believe sharing fun time together is vital to keeping your family happy, healthy and connected."

hispanic mom and son
At FFM you'll find:

  • Rainy Day Games that require nothing
    more than imagination

  • Practically free Local Family Activities

  • Frugal Family Vacation Ideas

  • Easy peasy Frugal Recipes

  • Totally safe Free Kids Online Games

  • Fun Party Games for any theme

  • Special Ezine Articles on how to become a work-at-home mom.

    Plus a whole lot more....and it's growing every day!

    Even more opportunities for moms to follow us and stay in touch. Follow our RSS feed, Facebook, or Twitter so you don't miss a bit of it.

    Frugal Fun Table of Contents



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    for the Full Figured Frugal Mom

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